Completing the Application Forms

Applicants for the Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer credential for the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers must complete the AAWRE application in its entirety and remit the appropriate fees by the specified deadlines in order to be considered. The application must be completed in English and all payment must be in U.S. dollars.

Upon submission of the application, the application will be reviewed for completeness by AAWRE staff prior to being sent to the AAWRE Admissions Committee. If an application is deemed incomplete at the published deadline, further processing/review will be delayed until the next application cycle.

Once an application has been approved by the AAWRE Admissions Committee, the applicant will be required to appear for an oral examination as a second step in verifying attainment of the water resources engineering body of knowledge. Only after satisfactory completion of the application and oral examination process will the AAWRE Board of Trustees issue the certificate of special knowledge indicating attainment of the Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer credential.

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Application Deadlines

AAWRE has expanded our application reviews to 4 times per year. The current application deadline is July 8.

Certification Fees

Application Fee

All applicants must submit a $300 application fee ($400 application fee for non-ASCE members) with their completed application. This fee covers program expenses including application review, oral examination, record keeping, issuance of a certificate of special knowledge and pin, and first year's certification dues.

Annual Certification Fee

All fees shall be paid in United States dollars by check or money order drawn on a United States bank.

Diplomates will receive a renewal notice annually. The renewal form will require that the Diplomate:

  • attest to their continued active engagement in the practice of water resources engineering,
  • attest to their continued possession of a valid license to practice engineering,
  • attest to earning 30 professional Development Hours (PDHs) during the preceeding 12 month period,
  • attest to adherence to the Academy Code of Ethics, and
  • submit an annual fee.

The Annual Certification Fee is set by the AAWRE Board of Trustees and is currently $125.

Oral Examination Schedule

The Academy attempts to provide oral examinations in reasonably convenient locations (usually within the state or region of a state where the applicant resides). However, this may not always be possible. By completing the application, the applicant agrees to travel (at his/her cost) to the closest available oral examination site provided by the Academy.

The Academy normally attempts to conduct oral examinations at major conferences held throughout the U.S. The Academy will work and coordinate with the candidate(s) for the best possible location for the oral examination.

The Academy provides multiple interview locations annually. Here are the dates and locations for 2013:

  • July 22-23 – Denver, CO
  • August 11-12 – Seattle, WA
  • September 7-8 – Providence, RI

Prospective candidates may apply the following ways:

  • Apply online
  • Download the Word copy of the application and submit your electronic copy of the application via E-mail to AAWRE at: [email protected]
  • Download the Word copy of the application and mail your hard copy of the application to AAWRE at:
    1801 Alexander Bell Drive
    Reston, VA 20191

Download the Word copy of the application and fax your application to AAWRE at: (703) 295-6415
Email your updated resume or CV and list of (3) professional references to AAWRE.

The Diplomate, Water Resources Engineers application requires applicants to submit extensive information detailing their education, experience, and professional activities. If you wish to apply online, the Academy recommends that you download the Word version of the application to gain an understanding of the required information before beginning the online application.

Applicants should regularly save information as they work on their online application.

Please note that the online application pages time out after 20 minutes. Information not regularly saved is subject to loss.

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