D.WRE Oral Exam Process

After the AAWRE Application Committee accepts your completed application, an oral exam will be conducted* by a three-person panel comprised of current Diplomates. All exams are confidential and will consist of three parts: a brief summary of your experience and current responsibilities; a 20 to 30 minute presentation of a project on which you were lead engineer and which demonstrates advanced understanding of at least one area of water resources engineering; and a question and answer period with the examiners dealing with your overall experience, as well as the project presented. The examination will take one to two hours.

To demonstrate advanced understanding in at least one area of the Body of Knowledge, you can speak from notes, maps, drawings, PPT or any other prop you choose. 

After your presentation, during the question and answer period, the panel will have questions about your experience and some related questions of a broader technical nature as well as a discussion of ethics. The only preparation for this would be to review the ASCE canons and code of ethics and to be prepared to discuss your experience. 

This will be an informal process in which the panel wants to see the extent of your experience, understanding of water resources engineering, and application of ethics in engineering. 

*The Board reviews each application individually but may waive the oral exam component if the applicant has extensive experience. 

Exam Locations

The Academy conducts panel oral exams in-person each year at the EWRI Congress.

The Academy has begun offering examinations through video-conferencing as a convenience to applicants. These will be conducted periodically throughout the year, given the availability of Diplomate panels. Currently the panel uses the Microsoft Teams.

Please contact staff if you have any questions about the examination process.